“Brilliant holiday – we had a really great time. The volume of shooting is incredible. All aspects of the holiday was exceptional and you did a fantastic job of organising it so thank you very much for all your efforts, absolutely everything went to plan.” Stephen Ramsden, December 2012 Argentina

    Stephen Ramsden, b Dove shooting, Argentina, December 2012

    “Wild and Exotic it was! The horses and guides were wonderful. Words escape me to give you full feedback on this adventure. Hopefully, another ride might be in store for us.”

    Lendy Brown, Trans Andes ride Argentina, January 2011

    “The trip to Argentina and over the Andes was wonderful.  You are so fortunate to have such a great “team”.  Sebastion, Ceppi, and Marcos were all so helpful and kind to all of us. All the horses were perfect and I now have a new appreciation for how handy and clever they are over rough terrain. We especially enjoyed our 2 nights at the hot springs with Norma and her family. I look forward to planning another trip in the future. Thank you for all your assistance in making this trip a memorable one.”

    Ellen Chapman, Trans Andes ride Argentina, January 2011

    “It was a good trip, a lot of fun and an interesting ride through the virgin forest, also to the the very isolated farms subsisting away. We were met with great friendliness. You have a well-satisfied customer.”

    Raymond Jack, Trans Andes ride Argentina, January 2011

    “I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my trip!  My only regret is that it was too short.  Everyone got along well and Cepi and Sebastian were terrific.  I can’t think of anything that would improve upon the experience.  Thank you for answering so many questions from the American contingent.”

    Cynthia Delaney, Trans Andes ride Argentina, January 2011

    ” What an excellent time we all had–nothing but laughter all those many days.I can’t wait to come back. Sebastian and Cepi were the best–so different and so complementary, and they anticipated all of our needs and shortcomings.”

    Ann Wolff, Trans Andes ride, Argentina January 2011

    “The trip was wonderful to say the least. Great people, great horses and great scenery! Then there’s Cepi, forever imprinted in my memory along with a few new laugh lines on my face. Sebastian, Oscar, Christian, his father-in-law, right down to the bus driver, what a team you’ve put together to make this trip such a memorable experience.”

    Susan Weyers, Trans Andes ride Argentina, January 2011

    “The Andes ride was fantastic and quite an adventure! Sebastian and Cepi did an amazing job and we wanted for nothing. Everything was extremely well thought of and planned superbly, I felt so privileged getting to the places we did, it really was amazing. The food was fantastic. The highlight of the ride was staying at the farms on the Chilean side, they were all such lovely people and once again the food was excellent. Villa Angostura was beautiful and a great place to end the ride in the swimming pool.”

    Roger Nash, Trans Andes ride, Argentina, January 2011

    It was the experience of my lifetime and the organisation was perfect. My thanks to everybody involved.”

    Jan v. Doetinchem , Trans Andes ride, Argentina, February 2011 Argentina

    “The Andes Ride was fantastic in almost every respect: set-up, organization, landscape, team of gauchos, team of organizers, food & beverages logistics and last but not least the weather. Particular compliments to Cepi, Ramiro and Sebastian, who all three were very nice & motivated and did a great job. Wild & Exotic did a very good job including your (Rosie) very important contribution as perfect organizer of the trip – thank you very much !! We will certainly recommend this adventure.”

    Dr Baur, Trans Andes ride, Argentina, February 2011

    “I thoroughly enjoyed the whole trip. Your team in Argentina is reliable and the organisation always worked.”

    Peter Vickery, Trans Andes ride, Argentina, February 2011

    “We had a wonderful time in Argentina.  The weather was amazing, the scenery magnificent and everybody looked after us so well,  on top of which I caught a huge brown trout!  Now that we have had our first experience of Patagonia, I hope that we will return before long!”

    Sally Spilman, Argentina bespoke travel, February 2012

    “Everything you had suggested and planned for us was fantastic. Ana, who met us at Buenos Aires on our arrival and then gave us the half city tour at the end of the holiday, was a lovely person with a huge knowledge of Buenos Aires, such an easy person to spend time with, very sweet and attentive. Kau Yatun hotel was perfect, very comfy and friendly staff.  Our guide, was a delightful guy with a huge of knowledge of the area and a student of geology. Estancia Cristina was a wonderful place with very friendly and knowledgeable staff, wouldn’t have missed that for anything. Amazing couple of days at the Igazu Falls and then off to Puerto Bemberg.  That was wonderful too, what a beautiful place and we were very well looked after. You did a brilliant job, Rosie, putting our holiday together, thank you so much.  It really is a holiday we will remember always, a wonderful country with friendly people, we will definitely be going back”

    Mark and Caroline Hunter, Argentina bespoke travel, February 2012

    “We had a really wonderful trip. Our guides and chauffeurs were excellent and very friendly and full of useful information. Jose in Patagonia and his driver were charming and helpful..and the dynamo Vanessa in BA impressed with her enormous knowledge wherever she took us. All the hotels were just right. In Patagonia the Kosten Aike was simple and very friendly. We much enjoyed our night at Estancia Cristina..very good to be there after the day trippers had left in the afternoon, and staff very nice and the 2 guides who took us up to the back of the Upsala glacier in their land rover were exceptionally kind. Eolo was a lovely hotel and very comfy with good food. Loi Suites a perfect position in Recoleta, very helpful and comfy. Solar de la Plaza in Salta we found again very nice and in an excellent position, in Cachi we were there for a fiesta so we saw a gaucho rodeo which was great. Finally we loved the House of Jasmines..lovely room, quiet setting and excellent food ,…we would like to thank you and Adrian for arranging such a wonderful trip for us.”

    Mr Brittain, March 2013

    “The Okavango Delta was a complete and marvellous contrast with horses and riding to die for.”

    Caroline Sykes, African Horseback safaris, September 2013
    Iceland [testimonials category=”riding-holidays-iceland”]

    “We had a wonderful trip – the horses were great, the staff very friendly and worked very hard and the tents were comfortable. All in all it was a wonderful trip and I can not thank you enough for all of your coordinating and planning efforts.”

    Boo Hardy, Riding in Rajasthan, February 2013

    “Trip was wonderful- not for the faint at heart that is for sure. Loved the ride; it was incredible going thru the villages. The people were so gracious and just as curious about us as we were of them. Horses were awesome- very tough and sound. Scenery was spectacular especially the day we rode over the sand dunes. Thanks for setting everything up and loved India.”

    Debbie Long, Riding in Rajhastan, February 2013

    “As you can see it is unlikely that I shall be able to resist a future invitation. Kind regards and many thanks for all the arrangements.”

    Mark Winstanley, Offbeat riding safaris, Kenya

    “We are still coming back down to earth from our trip….but suffice to say for now it was just incredible!!!! Offbeat were brilliant and the whole experience was one we will never forget. We have already recommended the trip to some friends. It exceeded our expectations which were already high so thanks to all involved in a truly unforgettable safari. An experience of a lifetime!”

    Mr and Mrs Roberts, Offbeat riding safaris, Kenya

    “Your staff were superb working under extremely difficult conditions, the chef’s amazing ability to turn out meals that would be the pride of the best hotels and Timothy’s knack of always having the Mess tent up and ready to feed and water your tired clients. The two horses we ha were sure footed, comfortable and never gave us cause to worry. They were a joy to ride.”

    Mr and Mrs Royle, Offbeat riding safaris, Kenya

    “Well what a trip, certainly one we will never forget, it was magical. Everything was perfect, from the horses, the camps, food, tents, all the guys behind the scenes supplying us with hot water, washing clothes, making beds, cooking and cleaning boots etc.  It was wonderful and yes one day I will definitely be going back. Thank you so much for organising the trip of a life time.”

    Anna Sloan, Offbeat riding safaris, Kenya

    “We had the most incredible time and it was the best holiday ever.  Thank you for all your hard work and help in making it so special.”

    Lord Daresbury, Offbeat riding safaris, Kenya

    “So it was that we began what will probably remain, for us, the great adventure of our lives. We galloped through herds of Wildebeests, dodged Aardvark holes right and left, fended off lionesses in our camp, endured Hippos in the night and rivers full of crocks by day.  It was wonderful! Best of all, we never encountered anyone but the graceful Masai in all that time. We would see them walking along the horizon, red and black robes wrapping their bodies and the ever present staff in their hands.  These were the tribesmen who kept our camps, cooked our food, washed our boots at the end of each day, and did our laundry any time we were in one place for more than one night.”

    Mrs Lorig, Offbeat riding safaris, Kenya

    “The holiday was fantastic – the horses were wonderfully matched, Tristan was a very knowledgeable guide with a good sense of humour(!), the accommodation was perfect – not too OTT, but very comfortable and the food was delicious – Thanks to Wild and Exotic for organising the whole thing! We LOVED it!”

    Jennifer Davenport, Offbeat riding safaris, Kenya, July 2009

    “We are all safely back but really wish we were still out in Kenya. We had the most amazing time, it was so much more than any of us could have hoped for. Tristan is clearly a legend and was so much fun, Piers who joined our trip was a great help and wonderful company, the horses were fabulous – we’d have loved to bring them home, the game was rife – we have our hearts in our mouths most of the time, the food beat of London’s finest, the hospitality and comfort both on camp and at the glorious Deloraine were incredible… We truly loved every single minute of it and were broken hearted to be leaving.Thank you & all there for giving us such a wonderful adventure – we’d go again in a flash.”

    Beth Davenport, Offbeat riding safaris, Kenya, July 2009

    “Our safari in Africa exceeded our wildest expectations!  Tristan was the best guide and host that we could have ever asked for.  The entire staff worked endlessly to keep everyone happy.  I would recommend this trip to anyone who has a love of horses and nature at its finest.  I can’t thank you enough.  I will take these memories to my grave and if I can ever do it again, I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment.”

    Kathy Davis, Offbeat riding safaris, Kenya, July 2010

    “We had the most amazing holiday thank you, the trip of a lifetime. Tristan was the most wonderful host. “

    Rowan Lovegrove-Fielden, Offbeat riding safaris, Kenya, August 2012

    “We had the most incredible time. A perfect mixture of action and ‘nothing’: swimming, fishing, snorkelling, walking up 8 miles of deserted white beach, lazing in hammocks, feasting on delicious food. The high light was definitely going in a small private group to swim with the dolphins in the Indian Ocean. It was absolutely breath-taking.   Mary Jo and Louis are the most relaxed and warmest of hosts. A perfect holiday!”

    Rachel, Kizingo, March 2015

    “Kizingo was an idyllic and private retreat beside the Indian Ocean; Sosian a wildlife haven in the north.”

    W&E client, Kenya bespoke travel,March 2013

    “We are safely back home.  The trip was wonderful and all of the arrangements you made for us worked perfectly.  I appreciated having the itinerary with details of both trips to help keep us on top of everything.   We also appreciated the added touch of booking The Boma for a few hours the day we left Entebbe. Sosian and Clouds were excellent and we were treated with great warmth and hospitality.  Simon and Rosie work very long hours and make the experience very personalized and memorable.  They were exceptionally generous with their time with us. We greatly appreciate all of your help and wish to thank you for an excellent job.”

    Elizabeth Stock, Kenya bespoke travel, August 2014
    North America 
    South Africa

    “All seven of the “chicas” arrived home with wonderful memories and stories to tell. I thank you, Maria Elena and Enrique for a great week. We fell under the spell of the Spanish countryside, wonderful horses and delicious food. Enrique and Maria Elena impressed us with their love for their horses as well as their country. The beauty of this trip was to arrive each night at yet another charming hotel.  We all felt we had made friends and memories for a life time.”

    Ellen Chapman, Riding in Spain, June 2013

    “The trip was positively delightful.  I loved absolutely every minute of it.  Maria Elena was phenomenal, and her personality was warm, friendly and genuine.  We all want her to come visit us in the United States! As an experienced rider, I thoroughly enjoyed the pace.  The food was wonderful, the horses were fabulous; courageous, sure footed, trusting and brave.  I also thought it was the perfect balance of accommodations, and I enjoyed every single place we stayed.   I would not have changed one single minute or absolutely anything about this trip.  I can’t wait to come to Spain again, or go anywhere that Wild and Exotic rides.  I know I will be well taken care of and if the horses are like Enriques, they will be magnificent. Thank you so very much!”

    Holly Wiedemann, Riding in Spain, June 2013

    “All in all we had a wonderful time. I had forgotten how much we loved Seville. The hotel was beautiful and the staff where extremely attentive, and the location was pretty much ideal. The tour guides provided both in Seville and later in Granada were good. Alfonso strikes me as a quite entertaining host. The horses were quite exceptional they were very well trained and always eager to go. The food on the ride, at Alfonso’s Hacienda, and at the Ardea Purpurea was very good… by the end we were begging to skip a course or two! Fernando who provides ground support for Alfanso did a great.”

    Gray Lorig, Riding in Spain, March 2014
    United Kingdom
    testimonials category=”rocha-province-fixed-base-rides-uruguay”]

    “We had a great time at Chongwe. The camp set up, staff, activities, food, hospitality were all completely excellent. We loved the unspoilt natural setting. “

    Rachel Jenkins, Tiger fishing on the Zambezi, Zambia, September 2012

    “Back safe and sound from Zambia at the end of a fantastic holiday. Lodge brilliantly run by Yvonne and Mwaka and the guides. All the Lodge “activities” were well organised. I think that between us we did them all including a fantastic 14 hour safari deep into the National Park which involved having to change a tyre in front of 400 Buffalo (Guides estimate) and getting stuck in a dry river bed only to discover that a Pride of 8 lions were sleeping in the shade just a few yards from us! The fishing was good. We should have got more into the boat but we quickly learned about the difficulties of setting hooks in bony mouths. Between us I think we caught 10 tigers, the best fell to Peter Fraser, 12lb . My best was 10lb. Great sport!”

    Barry Lowry, Tiger fishing on the Zambezi River, October

    “Yet again we had a super time and were very well looked after. Another wonderful trip.”

    Neil Ford, Tiger fishing on the Zambezi river, Zambia, September 2013

    “We can’t thank you enough,we really did have a holiday of a lifetime, it definitely exceeded all expectations, and to be able to finish with 2 days in the Chongwe house was definitely the icing on the cake. Thank you so much again for the perfect safari experience  we will definitely recommend you to all our friends!”

    Polly Stockton, Tiger fishing on the Zambezi, Zambia, May 2014

    “Thank you so much for organising our trip. We have had a fabulous time. We did stay at the Island one night and canoe back which was great fun and then the last two nights we moved to Chongwe house which was incredible! We saw a huge amount of game, more than we expected and several tigers and catfish caught. Alice caught a 7lb tiger on a spinner. The holiday surpassed everyone’s expectations!”

    Richard Alice Tyacke, Tiger fishing on the Zambezi River, Zambia 2014

    “We had a fabulous time, it superseded all expectations and the upgrade at the end made it even more special, thank you. The staff were exemplary; the knowledge of the guides was deep and very interesting and in Camp, nothing was too much bother. Zambia was truly fantastic.”

    Tessa Dollar, Tiger fishing on the Zambezi River, Zambia, May 2014

    “Thank you so much for organising our trip. We have had a fabulous time. We did stay at the Island one night and canoe back which was great fun and then the last two nights we moved to Chongwe house which was incredible! We saw a huge amount of game, more than we expected and several tigers and catfish caught. Alice caught a 7lb tiger on a spinner. The holiday surpassed everyone’s expectations!”

    Richard Alice Tyacke, Tiger fishing on the Zambezi River, Zambia 2014

    “We had a fabulous time, it superseded all expectations and the upgrade at the end made it even more special, thank you. The staff were exemplary; the knowledge of the guides was deep and very interesting and in Camp, nothing was too much bother. Zambia was truly fantastic.”

    Tessa Dollar, Tiger fishing on the Zambezi River, Zambia, May 2014

    “We both really enjoyed the holiday.  Neither of us had been to Africa before so we had limited expectations – I know some of the others said the safari experience was 100 times better than the busier more commercial safari they had done before. The lodge was heaven – it was so peaceful  and to be there early in the season when the camp and Park were quiet was brilliant .The guides were great – they had a real passion for the wildlife and that made it more enjoyable. The food was good too.The upgrade to the lodge was extremely generous and made an already brilliant week. For us it was the perfect balance between being bored on a beach and going skiing which is great fun but there is no time to relax! “

    Tom and Emily Gilruth, Zambia bespoke travel, May 2014