The work of the Sinnington Hounds 1994 – 1998


The Work of the Sinnington Hounds is the writer’s detailed account of 287 day’s hunting spanning his final four seasons as master and huntsman of the Sinnington Hunt in North Yorkshire during the late 1990s. The diaries extend to over 123,000 words and describe the performance of the hounds, the run of foxes and the day to day challenges the writer faced as a huntsman. The book includes the pedigrees of some distinctive hounds, a map of the hunt country and observations and analysis of the occasional other pack including the Cottesmore, Blencathra, Devon & Somerset Staghounds, Exmoor, Heythrop, Quorn and Zetland. These diaries represent an accurate and possibly unique record of hunting a live quarry with hounds shortly before the invidious Hunting Act became law in 2005 and hunting changed for evermore. This book is being published as a strictly limited edition of 500 copies only.

“Beautifully produced, this book is an epitaph to a way of life” – Charles Moore, The Spectator.

“This is a book about hounds that hunted foxes, the craft, runs, people and sport. No hunting home should be without one” The Field Magazine.

“Such great memories, beautifully written”Anne Knocker

“Fascinating”Benoit Guerin MH, Ampleforth Beagles.

“I received your new book as a Christmas present and I’ve been glued to it most nights since”Gareth Watchman, MFH Berwickshire.

“Just a quick message to say how much I have enjoyed reading the diary. It made me very sad to think the days you have recorded will never return”Mark Davies, former MFH, Barlow Hunt.

“Congratulations, beautiful book. I’ve made a start and I love it”Nick Wood

“So many memories flooding back in such detail. I am enjoying it immensely”Richard Tyacke, Director AMHB.

“I am just through the first hunting season in your diaries. They are living up to all I expected, and I can’t put them down”Steve Clarke

“I am absolutely bowled over in admiration, it’s quite the most stunning book I have ever seen” – Alexia Robinson

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