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Click here to view our worldwide bird shooting activities

Click here to view our worldwide fishing activities

The owner of Wild and Exotic is a passionate participant in all field sports, and since forming the company has spent much of the past decade uncovering the best fly fishing and bird shooting destinations in the world for your benefit. Very often – for example in Argentina – superb fishing and shooting can be organised in conjunction with our riding adventures.

Rather than competing with big international agencies that have hundreds of fishing lodges and destinations on their books, we have identified the best global locations for specific species of fish that are exciting to catch on the fly, and concentrated on them. That is why we organise golden dorado fishing in northern Argentina, salmon fishing on the four Northern Rivers of the Kola Peninsular and a hand picked river in Norway, salt water fly fishing at Los Roques in Venezuela, sea trout, brown and rainbow trout fishing in Patagonia, tiger fishing in the lower Zambezi River and mahseer fishing in the Himalayan foothills – these are amongst the word’s premier locations in which to target those species of fish with a fly rod.

The same principle has been applied to our bird shooting itineraries, which include driven partridges in Spain, dove shooting in Argentina, flighting sand grouse in Kenya and a diverse range of rare and unusual shooting opportunities in the UK.

Guests are normally based at a comfortable lodge for the duration of their itinerary, selected for style of management and ambience as well as the quality of its sport. Several of the lodges we work with welcome non-sporting partners and offer a wide range of activities with which to keep them entertained and happy.

We believe that a fishing holiday is made or marred by the quality of your guide, which is why we pay meticulous attention to this aspect of your stay, working only with those lodges and operations that have well trained English speaking guides. We believe you will return a wiser angler having been enlightened by the experience. You will find the staff on our bird shooting itineraries to be equally helpful and accommodating.

As a representative of Wild and Exotic has personally visited each and every destination featured we are able to offer first hand on advice on all aspects of your holiday. Guests will be provided with accurate and up to date information on tackle, clothes and equipment prior to departure. Shooting guests wishing to import their own guns will be advised on the necessary procedures for the relevant country.

Unless otherwise stated, all Wild and Exotic fishing and shooting lodges are restricted to a maximum of 12 guests, and a many only take half that number.

Wild and Exotic also organise fishing expeditions for the exclusive enjoyment of our own guests. These may be to fish an established destination, or occasionally to pioneer unexplored waters in remote locations. Updates on these trips, together with other fishing news we feel may be beneficial, are sent by email to the members of our fishing address book.