Why book with Wild and Exotic? As a small and specialist company we pride ourselves on attention to detail, both in the research of the products and destinations that we represent and the organisation of your itinerary. You will be provided with detailed advice prior to travel, and we can organise every aspect of your holiday at a competitive cost. We will always endeavour to match or better any price you have been quoted by a competitor, and you will sometimes pay less for your holiday by booking through Wild and Exotic than going direct. As we are well known to all our suppliers we are sometimes able to negotiate substantial discounts off certain charges (for example the single supplement charge) that can result in you paying considerably less for your holiday.

Am I able to travel alone?
The answer is a resounding Yes, however some of the rides and activities featured are better suited to the single traveller than others, and this may depend on the specific bookings already taken for a featured ride or activity. Please check with us for advice.

Can my partner, who has no interest in riding / fishing come with me on holiday and enjoy the experience?
This is where our attention to detail really kicks in. Several of our riding and fishing operators go the extra mile to ensure that non riding/fishing partners still have a great time, to the extent of providing extra guides and activities to keep them entertained whilst you are busy riding or catching fish. We have arranged many itineraries where non riders and riders stay under the same roof each night, and possibly meet up for lunch during the day, but enjoy completely separate experiences only a few miles apart.

Can you arrange bespoke itineraries for groups?
We normally run 3 or 4 exclusive rides each year for the benefit of Wild and Exotic customers only, including our flagship ride from Argentina to Chile through the Andes Mountains in Patagonia. We also arrange several exclusive group rides and fishing itineraries each year for families and friends. Provided these are for more than 8 guests there will always be a discount applied, usually this is one free place on the trip.

How will I survive in a foreign country without speaking the language?
Whether traveling as part of a group or alone, you will be met and assisted by an English speaking guide for all transfers, be they by road, rail or air or boat. The managers and owners of the accommodations we recommend speak English, as do the guides we use for riding, fishing or walking holidays. Furthermore you will have the contact telephone details of our English speaking representatives in every country that you visit should you require emergency assistance at anytime of day or night.

What level of riding experience is required for your holidays?
We cater for all levels of experience, please visit our riding safaris overview page for greater detail on all aspects of our riding holidays, including the standard and type of horses that we use, and the different levels of accommodation.

Will I have to spend nights in a tent?
Only if you choose one of the wilderness adventures where we ride so far away from civilization that camping is the only option. We offer many riding holidays from the base of supremely comfortable lodges, estancias and haciendas. Please visit our riding safaris overviewpage for greater detail on all aspects of our riding holidays